2015 Foothills 50K Frenzy

  • Date:  October 3, 2015
  • Time:  6:00 a.m.
  • Place:  Fort Boise / Military Reserve 
  • Distance:  ~32 miles
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U S Coast Guard joins Frenzy team

CG-logo-225Strong%20copyWe are thrilled to have a new member of the Frenzy family. Kelly Johnson, a recruiter for the US Coast Guard, has teamed up with the Frenzy and will be bringing some of his own team with him. This year, the aid station at Ridge Road and Five Mile Gulch (miles 11.5 and 13.5) will be the USCG station. 2015 marks the 225th anniversary of the USCG, and we are honored that they have decided to join the Frenzy family.

For the past 4 years, we have been so fortunate to have two super aid station captains up on Ridge Road – first Mike Blessing and then Wayne Ebenroth. Mike took a couple of years off to run the Frenzy, and Wayne is “retiring” as AS captain to focus on his leadership of Final Kick Events. Mike will be taking over the duties at the Three Bears station while AS captain Emily Berriochoa is out of the country. Five-year Frenzy AS captain, Jerry Garcia, will be returning to his station at Rocky Canyon Road and Orchard Gulch (18 miles). We’re finalizing the other stations and will be reporting on those stations as soon as we have more details.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the duties of the US Coast Guard, the USCG is a unique branch of the military responsible for an array of maritime duties, from ensuring safe and lawful commerce to performing rescue missions in severe conditions. Nearly 42,000 men and women are actively serving in the Coast Guard to defend America’s borders and protect the maritime environment.

On an average day, the Coast Guard:

  • Conducts 48 search and rescue cases
  • Saves 9 lives
  • Assists 73 people in distress
  • Saves over $132,000 in property
  • Seizes 297 pounds of marijuana and 549 pounds of cocaine worth $8.2 million
  • Services 134 buoys and fixed aids to navigation
  • Interdicts 6 illegal migrants
  • Conducts 24 security boardings in and around U.S. ports
  • Escorts 5 high-capacity passenger vessels
  • Conducts 54 waterborne patrols of critical maritime infrastructure
  • Investigates 24 pollution incidents
  • Inspects 127 vessels, containers and marine facilities
  • Issues 173 credentials to merchant mariners
  • Facilitates movement of $8.7 billion worth of goods and commodities through the Nations marine transportation system.

If you would like to volunteer at the Frenzy this year, please send an email to jenny@foothills50Kfrenzy.com, and we can certainly find a spot that’s right for you.

Happy Running!

Jenny Stinson

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Frenzy 2015 Kickoff – One Day Only – Early Bird Registration

"FootHills 50K Frenzy-2014"Mark your calendars: Sunday, February 8, 2 pm – 4 pm. Join us at The PULSE Running & Fitness Shop in Meridian on Sunday, February 8, for the Early Bird registration / Frenzy Kickoff. For one day only, you can register in person at The PULSE for $65 – that’s $10 off the regular registration fee.

Beginning at 2 pm, we’ll have food, fun, friends, and prize giveaways! Stay and play “Frenzy Taboo” where one lucky runner will win a comp entry into the Frenzy.

In addition to “Frenzy Taboo,” we will have lots of fun prize drawings (must be present to win). One lucky person will win a 60-minute float session from our newest sponsor, Stillwater Float Center at 213 N. 10th St. in downtown Boise.

Anyone who registers for the Frenzy will get a 20% discount on anything in the store – including NEW trail shoes for your spring training.

This is a ONE DAY ONLY, in-person event! See you on Feb 8.

**Regular registration opens on Monday, February 9. Registration fee beginning on February 9 is $75.

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THANK YOU – 2014 Foothills 50K Frenzy

Foothills 50K Frenzy 2011Thank you for running the 2014 Foothills 50K Frenzy!

Congratulations to all of you. What a spectacular day we had this year. It was so fun to see many familiar faces and to meet new friends. Once you have entered the Frenzy, you are a lifetime member of the Frenzy family.

This year, when you registered, a processing fee was added to your registration upon checkout. Every bit of that fee is going to our beneficiary, Ridge to Rivers. Because of your generosity in online donations combined with the processing fees added to your registration, we are donating $760 to the Ridge to Rivers trail system – this will go directly to maintaining the beautiful trails we use everyday. My sincere thanks to you all.

The results are up on Ultrasignup. Go to this link: https://ultrasignup.com/results_event.aspx?did=28262. Thanks to our most excellent timing genius, Rich Marion!

Thanks to our photographer, Michael Lebowitz, for being on the course taking pictures of every runner. You can download free photos at http://gallery.longrunpictures.com/TrailRaces-2/Foothills-50K-Frenzy-2014/ .

If you left anything at an aid station and were unable to pick it up at the finish line before you left, it is at The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop in Meridian – 520 S Meridian Rd. Additionally, if you forgot to pick up your finisher mug, let me know and we’ll be sure you get one.

No one puts on an event like this alone. We owe our success to everyone who helped make this happen: runners, volunteers (including our HAM radio team), spectators, sponsors, partners, government agencies, families, and friends. Extra special thanks go to Holly Finch and Beth Ahrend at The Pulse and our awesome sweeps, Joan Filipowski and Joann Grether, who hung in there all day long and cleaned up the course.

I hope that you’ll come back next year – either as a runner or a volunteer. Thanks again for helping us make the 2014 Foothills 50K Frenzy a success for all of us!

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2014 Frenzy Results

Thanks to everyone who made the 2014 Foothills 50K Frenzy a huge success!

Thanks to the expert skills of Rich Marion, the results are ready. Click here to go to Ultrasignup.com.


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Important Runner Information

This information is the same as the email that was sent out to runners this morning.

Thank you for registering to run the 2014 Foothills 50K Frenzy! The race is less than a week away, and because you are all in your taper, you’ll have some free time to read this email, which contains important event information.

Start Time
The race will start at 6am sharp. This year we ARE using chip timing – thank you, Rich Marion. While you will get an accurate time if you are running late at the start, the time cutoffs are based on the clock time.

Pre-race Check-in
BIBS: You must pick up your race number ON RACE MORNING before you start the race. We need to know who is on the course. There will be a check-in table at the start/finish line.
CHIPS: You will pick up your chip ON RACE MORNING also. No chip, no time, no official finish.
REUSABLE CUPS: New this year! As part of your race package, we are giving each runner a reusable, collapsible cup to carry with you during the race. You will use this cup during the race instead of paper cups. Using the cups is part of our green effort to help the planet.

It will be dark when the race starts. You will need to bring a light to use for about 1.5 hours. If you plan to drop off your light (or anything else) at an aid station, please put your name on it. Anything left at an aid station will be brought to the finish line after the race. If you don’t pick it up at the finish line, it will be taken to The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop in Meridian where it will be kept for a couple of weeks and then donated. The Pulse phone number is 208-884-1141.

Packet Pickup
You may pick up your race packet at the PULSE Running & Fitness Shop, 520 S. Meridian Rd. in Meridian on Friday, Oct 3 between 10 am – 6 pm. Thank you Holly & Beth! This is only your race swag – which includes a Frenzy neck gaiter, a copy of the Sept/Oct issue of Marathon & Beyond magazine, and other offers and coupons. You will not pick up your race bib or collapsible cup at this time. You may also pick up your packet on race morning.

Course Marking
The course will be well marked. You will see confidence markers approximately every ¼ – ½  mile. The following types of markings will be used:
LED lights – These will be on ~ the first 6 miles of the course.
Yellow landscape flags – These will be throughout the course.
Orange flagging tied to yellow landscape flags – Indicates a turn is coming up
Orange spray chalk – Directional arrows on the grass, confidence markings
Green printed signage – Watch for these as they tell you “Turn Left,” “Turn Right,” “Stay Straight.”

There will also be trail guides stationed at key junctions to help keep you on the right path. It will be very hard for you to get lost on this course – you’ll have to run through flags, jump over directional signage, and ignore the orange chalk markings. Thanks to Lynette McDougal and Dennis Ahern who are going to be marking the course!
NOTE: When you get up to Ridge Road around mile 11.5, you will turn LEFT and run a mile out and back.There is a checkpoint at the turnaround. At the turnaround, you will be given a puzzle piece. You will return your puzzle piece to an aid station worker at the13.5 mile mark.

Aid Stations
You will have 6 aid stations (mileage listed for these aid stations is approximate). All aid stations will be stocked with potato chips,pretzels, cheddar goldfish, animal crackers, candy, water, peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, mandarin orange flavored Tailwind sports drink, regular Coke, ginger ale, Hammer gels, and Hammer Endurolytes.

For the first ½ of the course, the aid stations are rather far apart, so you will need to bring plenty of fluids and any fuel you will need between stations.

Please be sure that you announce your number at each aid station so that we can keep track of where you are on the course.
Here is a list of aid stations:
AS 1 – 6.5 miles –Three Bears/Femrite’s Patrol/Watchman
AS 2  – 11.5 miles–Five Mile Gulch and Ridge Road
AS 3 – 18 miles – Rocky Canyon Road and Orchard Gulch
AS 4 – 22 miles –Rocky Canyon Road and Five Mile Gulch(There will be a porta-potty at this Aid Station)
AS 5 – 24 miles –Three Bears/Femrite’s Patrol/Watchman (This is the 2nd time through this station)
AS 6 – 27.5 miles –Freestone Ridge and Three Bears

Cutoff Time
We only have one cutoff time: You must be out of AS 4 (22miles) before 2pm. That is 8 hours. If you are not out of the aid station by 2pm, you will not be allowed to continue. This is a very generous cutoff time,and it will be strictly enforced. You will be transported to the finish line when the aid station is closed down, OR since Rocky Canyon Road is accessible by car, you will have the option to call someone to pick you up.

Runner Safety
Our goal is to keep the runners safe and on the right course. We will have medical personnel, trail guides, and sweeps on the course.  The sweeps will follow the last runners.  The race course is not closed to the public, so please be mindful that other trail users might be on the course.

If you have to drop from the race, you should make every effort to make it to an aid station. If it is not a medical emergency, you may have to wait at the aid station until the aid station workers are finished or until you can get someone to pick you up.

If you have any medical issues which require you to have inhalers, meds, etc., please bring them with you. Additionally, if you have any medical issues, please notify me before the race so that I can be sure our medical personnel are aware of your condition.

Spectator Viewing
Family and friends are encouraged to come out to the start/finish line and cheer for you. They may also drive up Rocky Canyon Road to the designated spectator viewing areas at the aid stations at miles 18 and 22. Parking is very limited on Rocky Canyon Road. However, for the safety of the runners – because most of the trails are single track – we are asking that you keep your spectators at the designated spectator viewing areas and not have family and friends on the course on foot or on a bike.

Awards and Finisher Mugs
When you finish the race, you will receive a unique commemorative finisher’s award – a mug individually handcrafted by local artist and ultrarunner, Kevin Flynn. Kevin will be on hand at the finish line to present the mugs to you. Because of the wide range of finishing times, overall and age group winners will receive their awards as they finish rather than at an awards ceremony. We will present awards in real time as soon as we have the results calculated.

Finish Line
Finish line food is for the runners. We will have fresh sandwiches from Paul’s Market, chips, drinks, and cookies.

This is going to be a TERRIFIC day! If this is your first 50K, don’t stress about the time cutoff at 2 pm (22 miles). If you keep moving forward and are efficient at the aid stations, you should have no problem with the cutoff.

Enjoy your week of rest! See you on Saturday!


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Frenzy Group Run – Sept 13, 2014

  • IMG_0557Saturday, September 13, 2014
  • 6:30 am
  • Meet at the Frenzy Start / Dog Park
  • ~ 15-16 miles

This weekend is only 3 weeks away from the Frenzy! You’ve trained hard, and you’re all ready – I’m sure. Here’s your chance to get in one last run with the group. We’re going out for a 15-16 mile run.

Our friend Jayk Reynolds will be leading the charge. Starting at the dog park, we’ll run the first 6.5 miles of the Frenzy. When we get to the junction of Three Bears/Femrites, we’ll take a left on Femrites to Freestone. Here’s where we deviate from the Frenzy course for a little variety and some fun. From Freestone, we’ll take Fat Tire Traverse to Trail 4 to Sidewinder. A fun run down Sidewinder takes you to Crestline and on to the Military Reserve connector – where you run down some more – then a short run down Mt. Cove Rd and back to the dog park.

Here are the written instructions in case you want to print them:

  • START – Parking lot by Fort Boise Community Center and Military Reserve
  • Turn LEFT on Mountain Cove Road
  • Run up Mountain Cove Road to first trailhead on right
  • Take RIGHT off Mountain Cove Road and take #27A Toll Road
  • Run #27A Toll Road to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest
  • Run short segment on #20 Ridge Crest to #22 Central Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #22 Central Ridge
  • Run #22 Central Ridge to junction with Shane’s Loop #26A
  • Go RIGHT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Ignore junction with Rocky Canyon Rd
  • Stay LEFT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • At next junction go RIGHT on #26 Three Bears
  • Run on #26 Three Bears to first junction
  • Stay straight / LEFT and continue uphill on #26 Three Bears to junction (This is the first aid station in the race ~ 6.5 miles; you will come to this same aid station at ~24 miles.)
  • Take LEFT on #6 Femrite’s Patrol
  • Follow #6 Femrite’s Patrol to #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Go LEFT on #5 Freestone Ridge
  • While you’re running on Freestone, you will see a trailhead sign to the RIGHT for Fat Tire Traverse. Take it. (In the Frenzy, we don’t run on Fat Tire, but it’s such a fun trail that I thought it would be a fun diversion.)
  • You’ll run the entire length of Fat Tire
  • At the end of Fat Tire, you’ll be at the junction of Trail 4 going up to the right or straight. Stay STRAIGHT. It’s just a short run to the next junction.
  • You’ll come to a junction of Trail 4 and Sidewinder. You’ll have 2 choices: keep going straight or go LEFT on Sidewinder. Go LEFT.
  • Sidewinder is a fun run down. Stay on Sidewinder until you come to the junction of Sidewinder and Crestline.
  • Go LEFT on Crestline
  • Stay on Crestline.
  • Ignore the junction with Red Cliffs.
  • Ignore the junction with Kestrel.
  • Stay straight.
  • It looks like the trail is coming to an end. You will see a sign for Military Reserve Connector.
  • Go LEFT on Military Reserve Connector. This is a FUN run down also. You will end up on Mountain Cove Road.
  • Go RIGHT on Mountain Cove Road. This will take you back to the dog park.

This is a fun run with a lot of downhill. Enjoy! After that, see you at the FRENZY!

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Frenzy Group Run – Aug 23, 2014

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaturday, Aug 23, 2014
  • Start – 6 am sharp
  • Meet at the Military Reserve parking lot/dog park
  • ~14 miles

It’s time for another group run. We’re going to run the first section and the last section of the course this weekend. You can add or subtract miles based on where you are in your training. We’re starting at 6 am so you can see (sort of) what it will be like to start at 6 am. It’s going to be delightfully cool on Saturday. (You might need a headlamp.) Feel free to go as much or little as you want. All are welcome – all speeds, all ages, all everything :-)

  • START – Parking lot by Fort Boise Community Center and Military Reserve
  • Turn LEFT on Mountain Cove Road
  • Run up Mountain Cove Road to first trailhead on right
  • Take RIGHT off Mountain Cove Road and take #27A Toll Road
  • Run #27A Toll Road to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest
  • Run short segment on #20 Ridge Crest to #22 Central Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #22 Central Ridge
  • Run #22 Central Ridge to junction with Shane’s Loop #26A
  • Go RIGHT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Ignore junction with Rocky Canyon Rd
  • Stay LEFT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • At next junction go RIGHT on #26 Three Bears
  • Run on #26 Three Bears to first junction
  • Stay straight / LEFT and continue uphill on #26 Three Bears to junction (This is the first aid station in the race ~ 6.5 miles; you will come to this same aid station at ~24 miles.)
  • Take LEFT on #6 Femrite’s Patrol
  • Follow #6 Femrite’s Patrol to #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Go LEFT on #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Ignore junction on right with #42 Fat Tire Traverse
  • Run down #5 Freestone Ridge to junction with #26 Three Bears (Aid Station ~ 27.5 miles)
  • Take LEFT at junction with #26 Three Bears
  • Run down #26 Three Bears to junction with #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Take RIGHT at junction with #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Run #26A Shane’s Loop to junction with #20A Bucktail and #22 Central Ridge
  • Take RIGHT on #20A Bucktail to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest (Pay attention here – you could go several ways at this junction.)
  • Take slight RIGHT going downhill to stay on #20 Ridge Crest (This is where you came up in the morning.)
  • Stay on #20 Ridge Crest to the junction with #27 Cottonwood Creek
  • Stay STRAIGHT on #27 Cottonwood Creek to junction with #25 Eagle Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #27 Cottonwood Creek
  • You will come upon a spur that leads up to some stairs
  • Go LEFT up to the stairs – This will take you back to #25 Eagle Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #25 Eagle Ridge and back down the paved path to the parking lot!
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Frenzy Group Run – July 19, 2014

Join us for a Frenzy group run on Saturday, July 19. We will leave the dog park / Military Reserve parking lot at 6 am SHARP to carpool up to the trail head at Five Mile Gulch. The early start is our attempt to beat the heat :-) We will begin gathering at the dog park around 5:45 am. We will need to take enough cars to accommodate all runners back to the dog park.

There are a few mileage options for this training run:

  • Option 1: Three Bears/Watchman/Five Mile = ~ 6 miles
  • Option 2: Route below without the out/back on Ridge Road = ~ 15.5 miles
  • Option 3: Route below with the out/back on Ridge Road = ~ 17.5 miles

From the parking area at Five Mile,

  • Run a short way down Rocky Canyon to the trail head for Three Bears
  • Take a right at the trail head and run up Three Bears to the junction of Femrite’s. During the race, this is ~ mile 22 – 24 (probably a little less). DO NOT go left on Femrite’s at this time.
  • At this junction, look to the right, and you’ll see a trail head sign for Watchman. Go that way – RIGHT on #3 Watchman (During the race, this junction with Three Bears and Femrite’s will be ~ 6.5 miles from the beginning.)

Then you will follow these directions for the Frenzy. Note: during the race, there will be an 1-mile out/1-mile back on Ridge Road at the top of Five Mile. That is optional on this run. Most of us will not be running the out/back in this training run.

  • Run on #3 Watchman to junction with #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Take LEFT on and go up #2 Five Mile Gulch to the junction with #7 Orchard Gulch
  • Continue straight / LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch to Ridge Road
  • Take RIGHT on Ridge Road
  • OPTION for this training run (2 miles on Ridge Rd)
  • Take LEFT on Ridge Road 
  • Run ~ 1 mile on Ridge Road 
  • Turn around after 1 mile and run back down Ridge Road
  • Run down Ridge Road to Aldape Summit
  • Take RIGHT on Rocky Canyon Road to junction with #7 Orchard Gulch
  • Take RIGHT at trailhead of #7 Orchard Gulch (During the race, this is ~ mile 18.)
  • Run on #7 Orchard Gulch to junction with #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Take LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Run #2 Five Mile Gulch to Rocky Canyon Road (During the race this is ~ 22 miles.)

Bring plenty of water and fuel if you’re planning to do the whole run. You may want to print out these instructions. We never know if we’re going to have 3 or 13 runners join us on these group runs, nor do we know what paces people will be running. I know that I will be running the shorter 6-mile option b/c I have a marathon the next weekend :-) See y’all there!!

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Frenzy Kickoff at The PULSE

Foothills 50K Frenzy 2011Foothills 50K Frenzy Kickoff! Join us on Tues, May 13, at The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop for the ONE DAY Early Bird registration for the 2014 Frenzy. Register for the Frenzy at the PULSE on May 13, and get $10 off regular registration. Snacks, raffle prizes, massage, and more. The highlight of the evening is the May Frenzy Trivia Playoff game. One lucky (trivia-smart) runner will win a free entry into the Frenzy! Festivities start at 6 pm – “May Frenzy” game starts at 630 pm.

You’ve heard of “March Madness”? At the Frenzy kickoff event, we’ve created our own version called “May Frenzy.” We’ll set up a 64-player bracket to test your knowledge of running (and other) trivia. Players who advance to the Final 4 will win a special prize. The player who finishes on top will win an entry into the 2014 Frenzy!

Regular registration for the Foothills 50K Frenzy opens May 14!

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