Frenzy Group Run – July 19, 2014

Join us for a Frenzy group run on Saturday, July 19. We will leave the dog park / Military Reserve parking lot at 6 am SHARP to carpool up to the trail head at Five Mile Gulch. The early start is our attempt to beat the heat 🙂 We will begin gathering at the dog park around 5:45 am. We will need to take enough cars to accommodate all runners back to the dog park.

There are a few mileage options for this training run:

  • Option 1: Three Bears/Watchman/Five Mile = ~ 6 miles
  • Option 2: Route below without the out/back on Ridge Road = ~ 15.5 miles
  • Option 3: Route below with the out/back on Ridge Road = ~ 17.5 miles

From the parking area at Five Mile,

  • Run a short way down Rocky Canyon to the trail head for Three Bears
  • Take a right at the trail head and run up Three Bears to the junction of Femrite’s. During the race, this is ~ mile 22 – 24 (probably a little less). DO NOT go left on Femrite’s at this time.
  • At this junction, look to the right, and you’ll see a trail head sign for Watchman. Go that way – RIGHT on #3 Watchman (During the race, this junction with Three Bears and Femrite’s will be ~ 6.5 miles from the beginning.)

Then you will follow these directions for the Frenzy. Note: during the race, there will be an 1-mile out/1-mile back on Ridge Road at the top of Five Mile. That is optional on this run. Most of us will not be running the out/back in this training run.

  • Run on #3 Watchman to junction with #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Take LEFT on and go up #2 Five Mile Gulch to the junction with #7 Orchard Gulch
  • Continue straight / LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch to Ridge Road
  • Take RIGHT on Ridge Road
  • OPTION for this training run (2 miles on Ridge Rd)
  • Take LEFT on Ridge Road 
  • Run ~ 1 mile on Ridge Road 
  • Turn around after 1 mile and run back down Ridge Road
  • Run down Ridge Road to Aldape Summit
  • Take RIGHT on Rocky Canyon Road to junction with #7 Orchard Gulch
  • Take RIGHT at trailhead of #7 Orchard Gulch (During the race, this is ~ mile 18.)
  • Run on #7 Orchard Gulch to junction with #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Take LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Run #2 Five Mile Gulch to Rocky Canyon Road (During the race this is ~ 22 miles.)

Bring plenty of water and fuel if you’re planning to do the whole run. You may want to print out these instructions. We never know if we’re going to have 3 or 13 runners join us on these group runs, nor do we know what paces people will be running. I know that I will be running the shorter 6-mile option b/c I have a marathon the next weekend 🙂 See y’all there!!

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2 Responses to Frenzy Group Run – July 19, 2014

  1. Jesse says:

    Is there going to be another group run?

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, Jesse. We are going to have another group run on Aug 23. I’ll post the details on both the website, Frenzy FB page, and the Boise Trail Runners FB page. Thanks for signing up for the Frenzy! – Jenny

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