Frenzy Group Run – Aug 23, 2014

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaturday, Aug 23, 2014
  • Start – 6 am sharp
  • Meet at the Military Reserve parking lot/dog park
  • ~14 miles

It’s time for another group run. We’re going to run the first section and the last section of the course this weekend. You can add or subtract miles based on where you are in your training. We’re starting at 6 am so you can see (sort of) what it will be like to start at 6 am. It’s going to be delightfully cool on Saturday. (You might need a headlamp.) Feel free to go as much or little as you want. All are welcome – all speeds, all ages, all everything 🙂

  • START – Parking lot by Fort Boise Community Center and Military Reserve
  • Turn LEFT on Mountain Cove Road
  • Run up Mountain Cove Road to first trailhead on right
  • Take RIGHT off Mountain Cove Road and take #27A Toll Road
  • Run #27A Toll Road to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest
  • Run short segment on #20 Ridge Crest to #22 Central Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #22 Central Ridge
  • Run #22 Central Ridge to junction with Shane’s Loop #26A
  • Go RIGHT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Ignore junction with Rocky Canyon Rd
  • Stay LEFT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • At next junction go RIGHT on #26 Three Bears
  • Run on #26 Three Bears to first junction
  • Stay straight / LEFT and continue uphill on #26 Three Bears to junction (This is the first aid station in the race ~ 6.5 miles; you will come to this same aid station at ~24 miles.)
  • Take LEFT on #6 Femrite’s Patrol
  • Follow #6 Femrite’s Patrol to #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Go LEFT on #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Ignore junction on right with #42 Fat Tire Traverse
  • Run down #5 Freestone Ridge to junction with #26 Three Bears (Aid Station ~ 27.5 miles)
  • Take LEFT at junction with #26 Three Bears
  • Run down #26 Three Bears to junction with #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Take RIGHT at junction with #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Run #26A Shane’s Loop to junction with #20A Bucktail and #22 Central Ridge
  • Take RIGHT on #20A Bucktail to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest (Pay attention here – you could go several ways at this junction.)
  • Take slight RIGHT going downhill to stay on #20 Ridge Crest (This is where you came up in the morning.)
  • Stay on #20 Ridge Crest to the junction with #27 Cottonwood Creek
  • Stay STRAIGHT on #27 Cottonwood Creek to junction with #25 Eagle Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #27 Cottonwood Creek
  • You will come upon a spur that leads up to some stairs
  • Go LEFT up to the stairs – This will take you back to #25 Eagle Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #25 Eagle Ridge and back down the paved path to the parking lot!
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