Frenzy Group Run – Sept 13, 2014

  • IMG_0557Saturday, September 13, 2014
  • 6:30 am
  • Meet at the Frenzy Start / Dog Park
  • ~ 15-16 miles

This weekend is only 3 weeks away from the Frenzy! You’ve trained hard, and you’re all ready – I’m sure. Here’s your chance to get in one last run with the group. We’re going out for a 15-16 mile run.

Our friend Jayk Reynolds will be leading the charge. Starting at the dog park, we’ll run the first 6.5 miles of the Frenzy. When we get to the junction of Three Bears/Femrites, we’ll take a left on Femrites to Freestone. Here’s where we deviate from the Frenzy course for a little variety and some fun. From Freestone, we’ll take Fat Tire Traverse to Trail 4 to Sidewinder. A fun run down Sidewinder takes you to Crestline and on to the Military Reserve connector – where you run down some more – then a short run down Mt. Cove Rd and back to the dog park.

Here are the written instructions in case you want to print them:

  • START – Parking lot by Fort Boise Community Center and Military Reserve
  • Turn LEFT on Mountain Cove Road
  • Run up Mountain Cove Road to first trailhead on right
  • Take RIGHT off Mountain Cove Road and take #27A Toll Road
  • Run #27A Toll Road to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest
  • Run short segment on #20 Ridge Crest to #22 Central Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #22 Central Ridge
  • Run #22 Central Ridge to junction with Shane’s Loop #26A
  • Go RIGHT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Ignore junction with Rocky Canyon Rd
  • Stay LEFT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • At next junction go RIGHT on #26 Three Bears
  • Run on #26 Three Bears to first junction
  • Stay straight / LEFT and continue uphill on #26 Three Bears to junction (This is the first aid station in the race ~ 6.5 miles; you will come to this same aid station at ~24 miles.)
  • Take LEFT on #6 Femrite’s Patrol
  • Follow #6 Femrite’s Patrol to #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Go LEFT on #5 Freestone Ridge
  • While you’re running on Freestone, you will see a trailhead sign to the RIGHT for Fat Tire Traverse. Take it. (In the Frenzy, we don’t run on Fat Tire, but it’s such a fun trail that I thought it would be a fun diversion.)
  • You’ll run the entire length of Fat Tire
  • At the end of Fat Tire, you’ll be at the junction of Trail 4 going up to the right or straight. Stay STRAIGHT. It’s just a short run to the next junction.
  • You’ll come to a junction of Trail 4 and Sidewinder. You’ll have 2 choices: keep going straight or go LEFT on Sidewinder. Go LEFT.
  • Sidewinder is a fun run down. Stay on Sidewinder until you come to the junction of Sidewinder and Crestline.
  • Go LEFT on Crestline
  • Stay on Crestline.
  • Ignore the junction with Red Cliffs.
  • Ignore the junction with Kestrel.
  • Stay straight.
  • It looks like the trail is coming to an end. You will see a sign for Military Reserve Connector.
  • Go LEFT on Military Reserve Connector. This is a FUN run down also. You will end up on Mountain Cove Road.
  • Go RIGHT on Mountain Cove Road. This will take you back to the dog park.

This is a fun run with a lot of downhill. Enjoy! After that, see you at the FRENZY!

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