2018 Frenzy Runner Info

On Monday, an email was sent to all registered Frenzy runners. If for some reason you did not receive this email, here is the letter with important information:

Dear Foothills 50K Frenzy Runners,

Thank you for running the 2018 final Foothills 50K Frenzy. My heart is filled with gratitude for each of you who has chosen to support this event. 

Please read this email carefully as it contains important information.

Start / Finish line: We will start and finish in the parking lot at Military Reserve / Mountain Cove Road, just north of St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise. There will be 2 porta-potties at the start.
Start Time: 6 am sharp. We are using chip timing. Intermediate cutoff is at mile 22 at 2 pm.
Pre-race Check-in: You must pick up your race chip ON RACE MORNING before you start the race. Check-in is 445 am – 545 am.
Green Event: There will be no paper cups at the aid stations, so if you want drinks other than what is in your handheld or your pack, you will need to bring your own personal collapsible cup.
Headlamps: It will be dark when the race starts, so you will need to bring a headlamp for ~ the first 1.5 hours. If you want to drop off your light at an aid station, please have your name on it. Anything left at an aid station anywhere on the course will be brought to the finish line after the aid station has shut down. If you leave the finish line before the items are returned, they will be at The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop in Meridian for 2 weeks after which we will donate them to a local charity.
Packet Pickup: You may pick up your race packet at The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop on Friday, October 5, from 10am-6pm. This will include your race number and race swag, but NOT your chip. As is tradition with the Frenzy, we do not give race shirts to runners. This year, you will receive a Gildan sweatshirt-weight stadium blanket embroidered with the Frenzy logo. You may also pick up your packet on race morning between 445am – 545am when you get your chip. You will also be able to pick up any last minute nutritional products at The Pulse at packet pickup.
Course Marking: The course will be well-marked. You will see confidence markers approximately every 1/4 mile. We will use various colored flagging, written directional signs, LED lights for the morning for ~ 6.5 miles.
Trail Guides: Live people (experienced ultrarunners) will be stationed at key junctions to help keep you on the right path.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you get up to Ridge Road around mile 11.5, you will turn left and run a mile out and back. There is a checkpoint at the turnaround. At the turnaround, you will pick up an item which you will give back to an aid station worker at mile 13.5. This will indicate that you made it through that checkpoint. If you do not pick up this item, you will be asked to go back and get one.
Aid Stations: You will have 6 aid stations (mileage listed for these aid stations is approximate). All stations will be stocked with potato chips, corn chips, candy, peanut butter pretzels, peanut butter and/or Nutella tortillas, water, orange-flavored Tailwind sports drink, regular Coke, gingerale, Sprite, Endurolytes, Gu gels. Aid stations will be at miles 6.5, 11.5/13.5, 18, 22, 24, 27.5.
Runner Safety: Our goal is to keep the runners safe and on the right course. We will have medical personnel, trail guides, and 2 sweeps on the course. The sweeps will follow the last runners. The race course is not closed to the public, so please be mindful that other trail users might be on the course. If you must drop, you should make every effort to make it to an aid station. If it is not a medical emergency, you may have to wait at the aid station until the aid station workers are finished or until someone can pick you up.
Medical Issues: If you have any medical issues which require you to have inhalers, meds, etc., please be sure to bring them with you.
Spectator Viewing: Family and friends are encouraged to come out to the start/finish line and cheer for you. They may also drive up Rocky Canyon Road to the designated spectator viewing areas at the aid stations at miles 18 and 22. Parking is limited.
Awards and Finisher Mugs: When you finish a race, you will receive a unique commemorative finishers’ award – a mug individually handcrafted by local artist and ultrarunner, Kevin Flynn (who is running the race this year!). Because of the wide range of finishing times, overall and age group winners will receive their awards as they finish rather than at an awards ceremony. We will present awards in real time as soon as we have the results calculated.
Finish Line Food: Finish line food is for the runners. This year we have a food truck for the runners – Pepe’s Taco Truck. Each runner will receive a food ticket – good for tacos and a drink – after they cross the finish line. There will be meat and veggie options. Spectators may purchase food from Pepe’s for $6 each.
Race Photos: We will have 2 photographers this year. Michael Lebowitz of Long Run Pictures will be at the finish line, and Jeff Black, trail guide around mile 10.5. These photos will be available a few days after the event free of charge.

This is going to be a TERRIFIC day! If this is your first 50K, there is no need to stress about the time cutoff at 2 pm (mile 22). If you keep moving forward and are efficient at the aid stations, you will be fine.

Enjoy your week of rest. See you on Saturday!


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