Race Update: Frenzy Volunteers

The Foothills 50K Frenzy has an amazing group of 75+ volunteers whose mission is to help make this race a terrific experience for you! Since many of you have friends who are volunteering, I thought you might want to know where to look for your friends on the course. There will also be a gang of volunteers working the start/finish line.

Aid Stations:

  • AS 1/5: Emily Berriochoa, Davina Jackson, John Berriochoa, Bertha Sandoval, Joel, Sandoval, Kathy Lewis, Kim Neill, Valerie Block, Doug Draney, Tom Peavey, Christie Ebenroth, Lori Buksar (Medical Director)
  • AS 2: Mike Blessing, Greg Filipowski, Brenda Tola, Miranda Welch
  • AS 3: Jerry Garcia, Tina Hamilton, and volunteers from the Native American Coalition of Boise
  • AS 4: Sam Collier and volunteers from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Tony Bunt, Bill Rupp, Michael Lapp, Josh Ingram. Steve Durnal (Medical)
  • AS 6: Amber Nebeker, Brian Nebeker, Joyce Gebhardt, Kirstin Ahern

Trail Guides at Junctions:

  • Nick Collias ~ 9.5 miles – Watchman/Five Mile
  • Tony Huff ~ 10 miles – Five Mile/Orchard going up and ~ 20 miles – Five Mile/Orchard going down
  • Kim Neill ~ 23 miles – Three Bears from Rocky Canyon Road
  • A J Zenkert ~ 30 miles – Bucktail/Ridge Crest
  • Andrea Simmonsen ~ 30.3 miles – Ridge Crest/Central Ridge

Mountain Bike Rovers:

  • Paul Fleming – Ridge Road
  • Steve Ahrend – Three Bears/Watchman/Curlew
  • Matt Newbill – Shanes Loop/Bucktail/Ridge Crest
  • Darren Lightfield – Rover
  • Matt Newbill – Rover


  • Joan Filipowski
  • Ray Nicholl
  • Tom Grether


  • Michael Lebowitz – Lead photographer
  • Roz Chrenka – Photographer’s assistant
  • Marcie Bettys – Finish line photographer

Start/Finish Line Volunteers:

Holly Finch, Beth Ahrend, Rich Marion, Wayne Ebenroth, Christie Ebenroth, Mark Stinson, Monica Stoddard (Medical), Russ Freestone, Ryan Griffeth

My sincere THANKS to all the volunteers!

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10 Responses to Race Update: Frenzy Volunteers

  1. Peggy says:

    Noticed FHF 50K mentioned in the Ridge to Rivers Trail System article in latest spring/summer 2012 Runners World Trail special mag. Boise reads like an ultimate
    trail runners mecca. Thanks for the training schedule.

    • Jenny says:

      It is! You’ll see when you come out here! You know you can come out this summer and check out the trails ahead of time – I’m just sayin’.

  2. Dennis Ahern says:

    Wow. I am stunned at the level of participation and the level of support lined up for this race. I remember when it was just a nice idea you had over a year ago when you first mentioned it to me. It’s going to be weird running an ultra where I can sleep in my own bed the night before. Well done Jenny Stinson!

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you, Dennis! You were with us the day Paul Lindauer came up with the name. Thank You also for helping to design the course and for running & riding it so many times…and all the other help you have provided. Now we just have to do a great job of taking care of the trails so that R2R lets us do it again next year!

  3. Ryan Anderson says:

    Thanks for posting this Jenny! Now I can look forward to the smiling faces at all the aid stations.

    Thanks everyone for volunteering!


  4. Mike Kirkmire says:

    Thanks to everyone for volunteering and getting this race rolling. Can’t wait for Saturday.


    • Jenny says:

      Ditto! We have some amazing volunteers – couldn’t do it without the help of a lot of folks. And, by the way, Mike, I just spoke to Mark Johnson of KTVB and told him that you were going to run it fast enough to make it to the Boise State game! No pressure … just sayin’!

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