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Course Map

Ridge to Rivers map of area

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Course Map with Aid Stations

Course Elevation Profile

Foothills 50K Frenzy elevation profile

Detailed Course Description

  • START – Parking lot by Fort Boise Community Center and Military Reserve
  • Turn LEFT on Mountain Cove Road
  • Run up Mountain Cove Road to first trailhead on right
  • Take RIGHT off Mountain Cove Road and take #27A Toll Road
  • Run #27A Toll Road to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest
  • Run short segment on #20 Ridge Crest to #22 Central Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #22 Central Ridge
  • Run #22 Central Ridge to junction with Shane’s Loop #26A
  • Go RIGHT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Ignore junction with Rocky Canyon Rd
  • Stay LEFT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • At next junction go RIGHT on #26 Three Bears
  • Run on #26 Three Bears to first junction
  • Stay straight / LEFT and continue uphill on #26 Three Bears to junction
  • Go RIGHT on Trail #6 Femrite’s Patrol for about 100 yards (Aid Station ~ 6.5 miles)
  • Take RIGHT on #3 Watchman
  • Run on #3 Watchman to junction with #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Take LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch to junction with #7 Orchard Gulch
  • Continue straight / LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch to Ridge Road
  • Take LEFT on Ridge Road (Aid Station ~ 11.5 miles)
  • Run ~ 1 mile on Ridge Road
  • Turn around and run back down Ridge Road to Aldape Summit
  • Take RIGHT on Rocky Canyon Road to junction with #7 Orchard Gulch
  • Take RIGHT at trailhead of #7 Orchard Gulch (Spectator Viewing, Aid Station ~ 18 miles)
  • Run on #7 Orchard Gulch to junction with #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Take LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Run #2 Five Mile Gulch to Rocky Canyon Road (Spectator Viewing, Aid Station, Restroom ~ 22 miles)
  • Run short ways down Rocky Canyon Road to #26 Three Bears
  • Take RIGHT up #26 Three Bears
  • Run to junction of #26 Three Bears
  • Take RIGHT on #26 Three Bears going uphill to the junction of #6 Femrite’s Patrol
  • Take LEFT on #6 Femrite’s Patrol (Aid Station ~ 24 miles)
  • Follow #6 Femrite’s Patrol to #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Go LEFT on #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Ignore junction on right with #42 Fat Tire Traverse
  • Run down #5 Freestone Ridge to junction with #26 Three Bears (Aid Station ~ 27.5 miles)
  • Take LEFT at junction with #26 Three Bears
  • Run down #26 Three Bears to junction with #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Take RIGHT at junction with #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Run #26A Shane’s Loop to junction with #20A Bucktail and #22 Central Ridge
  • Take RIGHT on #20A Bucktail to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest
  • Take slight RIGHT going downhill to stay on #20 Ridge Crest
  • Stay on #20 Ridge Crest to the junction with #27 Cottonwood Creek
  • Stay STRAIGHT on #27 Cottonwood Creek to junction with #25 Eagle Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #27 Cottonwood Creek
  • You will come upon a spur that leads up to some stairs
  • Go LEFT up to the stairs – This will take you back to #25 Eagle Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #25 Eagle Ridge and back down the paved path to the parking lot!

Alternate Course Map (in the event of rain/muddy trails)

We recognize that Ridge to Rivers has the final decision regarding the postponement or cancellation of the event if trail conditions are deemed too wet. In that regard, we have planned for an alternate course.

  • Start Fort Boise
  • Head North 100 yards
  • Right Turn on Collins Road
  • Turn Left on Robbins Road
  • Right Turn on W Fort St.
  • Right Turn on 8th Street
  • At 2.3 miles 8th Street turns to dirt
  • Aid Station at White Pole at 6 miles
  • Continue climbing on 8th St.
  • Aid Station at junction with Ridge Road at 10 miles
  • Left on Ridge Road
  • Aid Station and turnaround at 14 miles
  • Turn around and continue back on Ridge Road
  • Aid Station at 14 miles, junction with 8th St.
  • Continue south on Ridge Road
  • Aid Station at Aldape Summit at 23 miles
  • Turn Right on Rocky Canyon Road
  • Aid Station at 28 miles, beginning of pavement
  • Continue on Shaw Mt. Road
  • Left at Reserve Street T intersection
  • Right at Mountain Cove Rd
  • Left in Fort Boise parking lot



13 Responses to Course Details

  1. Joseph H. says:

    Hi there! Any idea when regular registration for the 2016 race will open?


    • Jenny says:

      Hi Joseph – Sorry I didn’t see your note earlier. We are planning to open registration the first week in April. We will have a one-day early bird sign up with a $10 discount at The PULSE on State St in Boise. In-store early bird special only. It will probably be the day before we actually open registration. You can follow the FB page or the website. Thanks! – Jenny

  2. Stephen Murray says:

    This is a terrific event!! I would have enjoyed it 65 years ago when I was the same age as the younger runners. HOWEVER, I want to warn everyone that there is a real class runner in your midst – Pat Honsinger – my grandson. Have a wonderful time and, hopefully, noone will require the Aid Station!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for your kind comment. Your grandson did an outstanding job! We were lucky to have a beautiful day!

  3. Jennifer Oak says:

    Does anyone have a Garmin file for the course?

    • Jenny says:

      Hey Jennifer – Here is the course from my Garmin. Don’t pay attention to the mile splits – I ran the course and was writing down every place on the course where anyone could get confused. I gave the notes to the folks who marked the course for me so that they could place “Do Not Cross” tape on places where I didn’t want people to go. So don’t be afraid of how long it took us to run it. It won’t take you this long 😉 Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Tom says:

    Hello Jenny,

    Have I told you lately that you rock? You are putting on a 1st class event and I can’t wait for the weekend. Thank you so much for all of your extra assistance! That map is of great help for us guys. (its all about the visual) We never read instructions lol! See you Saturday.

    • Jenny says:

      Hahaha! Thanks, Tom! You’ll have so many course markings out there – only way you could get lost is if you run blindfolded! See you Saturday!

  5. Sam says:

    What a great event You are the best Jenny… Hey, by the way, do you know what happened to the Course Map the actual course map with the highlighted route. It seems to be missing and was posted earlier. (you do have the course map with every trail but not the one that you highlighted the course.) If you can find that again that would be great. thanks so much and see you Saturday

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Tom. I took the marked course map down temporarily because we moved the aid station locations, and I didn’t want anyone getting confused. It’s back up now with the correct aid stations. However, the written instructions at the bottom of the page may be a bit easier to follow because the map is sort of small. Hope this helps. See you on Saturday!

  6. Jeff Wininger says:

    You are a freaking animal! Good luck & have fun.

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