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13 Responses to Results

  1. Brad Hatch says:

    was wondering if you knew when the official races results for 2012 would be posted. Thanks Jenny and Pulse for putting this race on I had a great time for being my first ever ultra or anything longer then a 10km.

  2. Matt says:

    Wow – It sounds like you all had a great run! What a cool event. I am inspired by my friends who ran it to do an ultra and hopefully this one next October when I return from down under (in New Zealand). Congratulations to all!

  3. David Meyer says:

    This was an incredible course! Beautiful! Fun! Challenging!! I have run the Robie Creek course quite a few times, and this combined a little of that with alot of great single track.

    I actually enjoyed this race more than Run Wild Idaho. There is something awesome about exploring those foothills. Can’t wait to do this next year and hopefully I can convince some people I know to do something crazy and sign up for it.

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, David. You had a great race! I’m glad you enjoyed your run. We are so fortunate to have the beautiful trails in our backyard. It may be crazy, but I like to think it’s a good crazy 🙂 See you on the trails!

  4. Susan Henry says:

    Thank you for an outstanding race and experience yesterday on the first Boise Foothill Frenzy! Everything about the race was so well done! The early morning run in the dark was just beautiful with the moon and trail of lamps from the runners. It was stunning as you ran and saw the train of lights up the hill. The volunteers were really welcoming and accommodating! The trail was really well marked, never leaving a doubt about where to go next. Thanks for such a great experience! I will remember my first 50K with found memories. The race was so well organized and orchestrated. Thanks to Jenny and all her helpers. Thanks Boise for such a wonderful event. The course was beautiful with the fall colors and spectacular views and it had a variety in the difficulty of the terrain. It was overall fantastic! Another note, Thanks Kevin Flynn for the beautiful hand made ceramic mugs for all of us! A useful and memorable item in which to remember this race. This added such a personal touch to the race, something from a local potter. Thanks again Kevin and good race too!

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you, Susan, for coming out to run the inaugural event, and congratulations of your first 50k! Kevin is not only a talented artist, but also an ultrarunner who also finished his first 50K yesterday! The mugs, awards, and magnets were all his inspiration and creation! Thank you, Kevin!

      • Kevin Flynn says:

        Thank you for a great first 50K experience. I was honored to be a part of it. Thanks to everybody that helped out and made it such a success.

        • Jenny says:

          Thank you, Kevin! Your finisher mugs, awards, and magnets were a special gift to all! And, congrats on a great race!

        • Dennis Ahern says:

          I love my mug Kevin. My daughter came home from school the other day and saw it on the counter and said “where did you get this?’ and I told her and she said “COOL!” I’ve also got a fridge magnet to remind me of what a great race it was. Thanks for your artistic efforts!

  5. bob says:

    Actually we were both NEW to this, as this was the FIRST ‘Boise 50K Frenzy’ and this was my FIRST foray into the ‘ultra’ distance races. The course was outstanding, but that is a given as our Boise Foothills are a treasure to all of us, especially those of us who hike, run, and ride in them! The volunteers were ‘awesome.’ They were so incredibly friendly and caring, always asking “what do you need?” when I stopped for anything. The course was also very well marked, and with volunteers posted at ‘key points,’ it was impossible to get lost. Before this race came about, I always wondered WHY Boise couldn’t have an event like this, showcasing our beautiful foothills and our amazing athletes. After this, I hope it can keep going and start to attract an even wider field of participants from around the state and elsewhere. Great job!

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you, Bob, for your kind comments and for running the Foothills 50K Frenzy! I agree that the volunteers were awesome! In the final analysis, we probably had about 85 official volunteers. The volunteers said the same thing about the runners – all the runners were both gracious and grateful to the volunteers for their support. We do have an amazing community here in Boise, and I hope that we can continue to share these spectacular trails with lots of other folks. Thanks again!

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