Registration for the 2018 Foothills 50K Frenzy opens on Monday, April 9, 2018.  Click here or on the image below to go to the registration page.

Fees – $125 (plus processing fee). No early bird registration. No incremental price increases.

We have decided to increase the price for our last year to make the 2018 Frenzy the best ever for everyone involved. We simply could not put this race on without the support of our dedicated volunteers. The bulk of the price increase is because we are planning a very special gift for our terrific volunteers. We feel certain that the community of runners will be happy to know that part of their registration fee will contribute to our “Thank You” gift to the volunteers.

In the spirit of full transparency (and for those who wonder what your registration fee covers), here is a partial list of items that are covered by your Frenzy registration fee:

  • Beautiful individually handcrafted finisher mug (by ultrarunner Kevin Flynn)
  • Awards (3 deep male and female overall and 6 age groups 3 deep male and female)
  • Runner swag (past swag has included things like running hats, buffs, beanie hats, arm sleeves, backpacks, headbands, gloves)
  • Finish line meal – Pepe’s Famous Tacos (for all runners and volunteers)
  • Aid station ultra food
  • Volunteer shirts
  • Volunteer gift
  • Porta-potties at start and on the course
  • USATF insurance
  • Timing chips
  • BLM permits
  • USFS permits
  • City of Boise permits
  • Generous donation to HAM radio team
  • Generous donation to Ridge to Rivers

No individual (including race directors, retail store owners, sponsors, partners, photographers, etc.) receives any compensation for their help with the Frenzy.

Registration closes at midnight on September 29, 2018. No race day registration. No refunds. As is our custom, we do not give out race shirts.

A processing fee will be added to your registration upon checkout. If you prefer to avoid paying the processing fee, you may register in person at The PULSE Running & Fitness Shop in Meridian.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We do not allow late registrations under any circumstances except ONE. Beginning on September 30 and continuing through October 5 (one day before the race), you may register LATE for a fee of $250. This will be a 100% donation to Ridge to Rivers. The only acceptable payment is a check made out to Ridge to Rivers. Please contact one of the race directors – either Jenny Stinson or Sheri LaMott – to make arrangements for late registration.

Runner Cap and Wait List – As this is our FINAL Frenzy, we anticipate a larger than usual field. In accordance with Ridge to Rivers rules, the Frenzy is capped at 200 runners. We will set up a wait list on Ultrasignup should we reach/surpass our cap.

50 Responses to Registration

  1. Jay says:

    Will there be medals for this race? I know a lot of the Pulse runs don’t do medals for finishers.

  2. Kyle Colburn says:

    This race looks awesome! I’ll be telling my Alaska trail-running friends about it & I’ve flagged this race as a must-do next year. Any idea when race registration will open up for 2013? (Sorry. I know you probably haven’t recovered from all the work that went into 2012’s race!)

    Great job on what looks like a fantastic ultra!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks! I don’t know exactly when registration will open up – probably some time in the summer. We have to get permits every year, so I like to have at least verbal approval before we open registration. But we anticipate no problems with that. The race will be on the same weekend in October next year. Thanks!!!

  3. Dave McKinnon says:

    So…I think I put “large” on my sleeve size, I think a medium would be way more appropriate (and accurate). Any chance I can still get medium arm sleeves instead? Oh, by the way, that is way cooler swag than a free t-shirt. I am totally looking forward to getting my behind kicked by the course and other runners next weekend…thanks for putting on this race and keeping it on the trails.

    • Jenny says:

      Dave – You should be ok. The sleeves are actually M/L. We’ll be sure you get the right size. Oh, and Thanks to you for running! See you at packet pickup!

      • dave mckinnon says:

        Awesome race. Great volunteers. Perfect weather. Good sponsors… thanks you for making an ultra in the foothills a reality. Could not have asked for a better race.

  4. Brian Liquin says:

    I did about 21 of the 31 miles of this course on Saturday. I still need to do that last 10 mile loop — the upper, probably most difficult 10 miles of the race I’m guessing. I’ll say this: that is a DIFFICULT race course all-in-all. There are some monsterous climbs, and especially given the mileage at which they will be encountered. There are also some steep, rutted, sandy descents. Many or most of the participants probably are already aware of this, but I’d have to admit that I figured a lot of the higher Boise Front trails were pretty much like the lower front (I’ve been on a few in the past, but it’s been awhile, and I was working high to low primarily as opposed to working up and down these trails). Anyway, OUCH. It’s a gritty, gnarly course, and it’ll darn sure make all of us who are crazy enough to sign up EARN IT…which is very cool in my book. SCARY…HUMBLING…but cool none the less. We shall see!

    • Jenny says:

      Hey Brian. If you ran the first 21 miles, then you actually did the hardest part. The last 10 miles of the course have some uphills, but it’s mostly downhill once you go down Curlew Trail 6 to Freestone Ridge and so on ’til the end. The climb up 5 Mile Gulch to Ridge Road is probably the hardest part of the course. Once you get on Ridge Road, it’s a pleasant break from the technical parts of the trail. Ridge Road is wide and scenic and much of it is downhill. I won’t deny that it is a challenging course, but it is doable for first timers. And it is a beautiful course – the upper foothills are spectacular, and in a few more weeks, I’m sure the colors will be awesome! You will EARN it – that’s for sure, but you’ll love it. Good for you for being crazy enough to sign up for it – I like to say: “It’s a good crazy.” See you out there!

  5. Patty Kearnan says:

    How many fools, oh, I mean folks are signed up? 🙂

  6. bob says:

    What type(s) of nutritional/hydration products will be available at the aid stations?

    • Jenny says:

      Hey Bob,
      We’ll have the traditional “ultra” food – pretzels, chips, peanut/butter jelly sandwiches, some kind of candy, and some other stuff still to be determined. Not sure exactly what sports drink we’ll have yet – still working on that, but when we have it nailed down, we’ll post it on the website. We’ll also have S caps and water, of course.

  7. Robbie Woog says:

    Jenny, Holly, Brian, and Beth
    This will be a great day!
    Robbie Woog

  8. Patty Kearnan says:

    Fun ! Count me in for this run!

  9. Please put me on the email list. The course looks pretty nice.

  10. Tony B. says:

    Please put me on the email list as well. I hope to do this race in the fall.

  11. Anna says:

    Please put me on the email list 🙂


  12. Ben Blessing says:

    I want to do an aid station! Put me in charge of one!

  13. Randy Simon says:

    Count me in!

  14. Graham MacKenzie says:

    I would love an email when registration opens. I’m in!

  15. darian says:

    i’m in…

    • Jenny says:

      I figured! Enjoy running the course tomorrow. Take mental notes and let me know if we need to modify anything. We’ll have details about registration soon.

  16. John says:

    Please send me an email when I can sign up.



  17. TIM JACOBSON says:

    Put my name on e-mail list as well please.

  18. John Clover says:

    Can you put me on e-mail list as well. I’m in!

  19. Tammy says:

    I’m in! Please send me updates.

  20. Martin Ward says:

    This will be a great readiness test for my 2nd Javelina Jundred in November. Please send me updates. 🙂

  21. Nic and Kerri Ellis says:

    Looking forward to registration! Count us in

  22. Moriah says:

    Looking forward to registering!

  23. Karen McPeak says:

    Please include me for updates. thanks!

  24. Jared B says:

    already in a frenzy!! I am in

  25. Hoyt Michener says:

    I’m in…send me updates!

  26. Doug Draney says:

    Planning on this being my first 50K….

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