Frenzy Group Run – Aug 23, 2014

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaturday, Aug 23, 2014
  • Start – 6 am sharp
  • Meet at the Military Reserve parking lot/dog park
  • ~14 miles

It’s time for another group run. We’re going to run the first section and the last section of the course this weekend. You can add or subtract miles based on where you are in your training. We’re starting at 6 am so you can see (sort of) what it will be like to start at 6 am. It’s going to be delightfully cool on Saturday. (You might need a headlamp.) Feel free to go as much or little as you want. All are welcome – all speeds, all ages, all everything 🙂

  • START – Parking lot by Fort Boise Community Center and Military Reserve
  • Turn LEFT on Mountain Cove Road
  • Run up Mountain Cove Road to first trailhead on right
  • Take RIGHT off Mountain Cove Road and take #27A Toll Road
  • Run #27A Toll Road to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest
  • Run short segment on #20 Ridge Crest to #22 Central Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #22 Central Ridge
  • Run #22 Central Ridge to junction with Shane’s Loop #26A
  • Go RIGHT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Ignore junction with Rocky Canyon Rd
  • Stay LEFT on #26A Shane’s Loop
  • At next junction go RIGHT on #26 Three Bears
  • Run on #26 Three Bears to first junction
  • Stay straight / LEFT and continue uphill on #26 Three Bears to junction (This is the first aid station in the race ~ 6.5 miles; you will come to this same aid station at ~24 miles.)
  • Take LEFT on #6 Femrite’s Patrol
  • Follow #6 Femrite’s Patrol to #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Go LEFT on #5 Freestone Ridge
  • Ignore junction on right with #42 Fat Tire Traverse
  • Run down #5 Freestone Ridge to junction with #26 Three Bears (Aid Station ~ 27.5 miles)
  • Take LEFT at junction with #26 Three Bears
  • Run down #26 Three Bears to junction with #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Take RIGHT at junction with #26A Shane’s Loop
  • Run #26A Shane’s Loop to junction with #20A Bucktail and #22 Central Ridge
  • Take RIGHT on #20A Bucktail to junction with #20 Ridge Crest
  • Go LEFT on #20 Ridge Crest (Pay attention here – you could go several ways at this junction.)
  • Take slight RIGHT going downhill to stay on #20 Ridge Crest (This is where you came up in the morning.)
  • Stay on #20 Ridge Crest to the junction with #27 Cottonwood Creek
  • Stay STRAIGHT on #27 Cottonwood Creek to junction with #25 Eagle Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #27 Cottonwood Creek
  • You will come upon a spur that leads up to some stairs
  • Go LEFT up to the stairs – This will take you back to #25 Eagle Ridge
  • Go RIGHT on #25 Eagle Ridge and back down the paved path to the parking lot!
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Frenzy Group Run – July 19, 2014

Join us for a Frenzy group run on Saturday, July 19. We will leave the dog park / Military Reserve parking lot at 6 am SHARP to carpool up to the trail head at Five Mile Gulch. The early start is our attempt to beat the heat 🙂 We will begin gathering at the dog park around 5:45 am. We will need to take enough cars to accommodate all runners back to the dog park.

There are a few mileage options for this training run:

  • Option 1: Three Bears/Watchman/Five Mile = ~ 6 miles
  • Option 2: Route below without the out/back on Ridge Road = ~ 15.5 miles
  • Option 3: Route below with the out/back on Ridge Road = ~ 17.5 miles

From the parking area at Five Mile,

  • Run a short way down Rocky Canyon to the trail head for Three Bears
  • Take a right at the trail head and run up Three Bears to the junction of Femrite’s. During the race, this is ~ mile 22 – 24 (probably a little less). DO NOT go left on Femrite’s at this time.
  • At this junction, look to the right, and you’ll see a trail head sign for Watchman. Go that way – RIGHT on #3 Watchman (During the race, this junction with Three Bears and Femrite’s will be ~ 6.5 miles from the beginning.)

Then you will follow these directions for the Frenzy. Note: during the race, there will be an 1-mile out/1-mile back on Ridge Road at the top of Five Mile. That is optional on this run. Most of us will not be running the out/back in this training run.

  • Run on #3 Watchman to junction with #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Take LEFT on and go up #2 Five Mile Gulch to the junction with #7 Orchard Gulch
  • Continue straight / LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch to Ridge Road
  • Take RIGHT on Ridge Road
  • OPTION for this training run (2 miles on Ridge Rd)
  • Take LEFT on Ridge Road 
  • Run ~ 1 mile on Ridge Road 
  • Turn around after 1 mile and run back down Ridge Road
  • Run down Ridge Road to Aldape Summit
  • Take RIGHT on Rocky Canyon Road to junction with #7 Orchard Gulch
  • Take RIGHT at trailhead of #7 Orchard Gulch (During the race, this is ~ mile 18.)
  • Run on #7 Orchard Gulch to junction with #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Take LEFT on #2 Five Mile Gulch
  • Run #2 Five Mile Gulch to Rocky Canyon Road (During the race this is ~ 22 miles.)

Bring plenty of water and fuel if you’re planning to do the whole run. You may want to print out these instructions. We never know if we’re going to have 3 or 13 runners join us on these group runs, nor do we know what paces people will be running. I know that I will be running the shorter 6-mile option b/c I have a marathon the next weekend 🙂 See y’all there!!

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Frenzy Kickoff at The PULSE

Foothills 50K Frenzy 2011Foothills 50K Frenzy Kickoff! Join us on Tues, May 13, at The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop for the ONE DAY Early Bird registration for the 2014 Frenzy. Register for the Frenzy at the PULSE on May 13, and get $10 off regular registration. Snacks, raffle prizes, massage, and more. The highlight of the evening is the May Frenzy Trivia Playoff game. One lucky (trivia-smart) runner will win a free entry into the Frenzy! Festivities start at 6 pm – “May Frenzy” game starts at 630 pm.

You’ve heard of “March Madness”? At the Frenzy kickoff event, we’ve created our own version called “May Frenzy.” We’ll set up a 64-player bracket to test your knowledge of running (and other) trivia. Players who advance to the Final 4 will win a special prize. The player who finishes on top will win an entry into the 2014 Frenzy!

Regular registration for the Foothills 50K Frenzy opens May 14!

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Frenzy Group Run: Sat, Sept 7, 7 am

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrenzy Group Run: Sat, Sept 7. Start at 7 am. This week’s run is the first 22 miles of the course. Plan ahead if you’re going to carpool with someone to the trailhead of 5 Mile Gulch. You’ll need a car at the trailhead to get back down – if you do the first 22 miles. It’s at least a 30-minute round trip to drop a car off and come back down. You’ll follow the course directions to mile 22 – here’s a link to the written directions:

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Frenzy Group Run – Sat, Aug 24 – 6:30 am – Corrals Trailhead

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWow – the Frenzy is a little over a month away! Where DOES the time go? It’s time for another group run. This Saturday, we’re going to start earlier than what it says on the original schedule and take off at 6:30 am. We’ll meet at Corrals trailhead off Bogus Basin Rd in the parking lot with the bathroom.

The schedule calls for 17-21 miles, but you can run as much as you prefer. Since it’s an out-and-back, you can turn around at any time. The plan is to run up Corrals, up Hard Guy to Ridge Road. If you do just this part (out and back), that is ~ 12.5 miles. So, once up on Ridge Rd, you can go out and back to add your desired mileage.

Everyone’s welcome – see y’all on Saturday!

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Frenzy Group Run – Sat, August 10

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrenzy Group Run: Saturday, Aug 10, 7 am. We’re getting off the Frenzy course this weekend and heading up Dry Creek trail. It’s a little short of 14 miles roundtrip if you turn around at Ridge Road, so you’ll go out/back on Ridge Rd if you want to get in 16-20 miles. Go up Bogus Basin Rd about 3 miles past the stop sign at Curling Dr to an unsigned right-side pullout on Bogus Basin Rd. There is limited parking, so you may want to carpool. It’s pretty much straight up / straight down, so if you don’t want to run the longer miles, you can run out with the group and turn around at any point. Everyone welcome!

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Frenzy Group Run – Sat, July 27

It’s time fOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAor an official group run this Saturday, July 27. Holly Finch, of the PULSE Running Shop will be leading the gang. Here’s the plan. The schedule calls for 15-18 miles. We will meet at the dog park parking lot at 6:30 am and carpool up to where the pavement meets the dirt on Rocky Canyon Rd. We’d like to start no later than 7 am b/c of the heat. From there, it is 2.5 miles up Rocky Canyon to the trail head of Three Bears. You will follow the Frenzy course from this point all the way to the finish – which is back where some of the cars will be parked at the dog park. Just that part is about 12.5 miles. To get in the extra miles, you can do an out-and-back on Watchman to get in the amount of miles you prefer. Watchman is such a fun, runnable trail.

Watch for posts on the PULSE Facebook page – Holly is going to have some things to give away 🙂


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Ultrarunners: Right Now

“You can’t cross a sea by merely staring into the water.”
– Rabindranath Tagore, 1913 Nobel laureate for literature

Ultrarunners: Right Now from Jenny Stinson on Vimeo.

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Unofficial Frenzy Group Run – July 21

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.23.16 AMThanks to Leigh Rickerson Douglas, who is training for the Foothills 50K Frenzy, there will be a Frenzy training run this weekend that is not on the original group schedule. On all the group runs Leigh has joined us on, she comes with maps, notes, and more. You will not get lost if you stick with her. She’s planning a run on the “top half” of the Frenzy course this Sunday, July 21, at 630 am. See her event posting on Facebook for more details: She has a link to a map on that page as well. For now, here are the basics:

  • What: Frenzy group run
  • When: Sunday, July 21, 6:30 am
  • Where: Begin at Five Mile Gulch trailhead (see event for carpool details)


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Frenzy Group Run – July 6

  • Saturday, July 6 – leave 630 am sharpRandyThorn_house
  • Begin at Randy Thorn’s house
  • Distance 14-15 miles

Randy Thorn has graciously offered to lead the group and start from his house this Saturday. Because of the heat, the group will take off at 630 am, so plan to arrive no later than 615 am. Here is a map to Randy’s house – address: 5052 E. Bandsaw (in Harris Ranch) and route directions.

From Randy:  We will depart my house at 6:30 am sharp.  Please be there early to use the rest room, get water, have a cup of coffee.

We will head west from my house until we hit the path through our neighborhood.  We will turn right and follow the path to the bottom of Homestead Trail.

We will go left onto Homestead Trail and begin a very gentle climb for about ½ mile.  After that the grade increases with a few steep climbs broken up by a couple of semi flat areas.

At the 2.6 mile mark we will come to a green gate.  This is the end of Homestead Trail.  We will bear left at this point and begin climbing on Lucky Peak Rd (this portion is more of an atv/motorcycle trail).

Just follow this road/trail all the way to a 4 way intersection.  We will turn right at this point and continue climbing to the top.  You will pass through a flat forested area where the university normally sets up their bird observatory.  Continue straight through and you will see the road that continues a short ways to the top.

Return from the top by coming back through the bird observatory area.  We will turn to the right and follow the main road down off of Lucky Peak.

At about 3 miles below the summit we will come to an intersection with the main road heading left towards Highway 21.  We will want to TURN RIGHT at this point and head back towards the top of Homestead Trail.

Follow this road and you will go past the top of Cobb Tail and in about a mile you will come to the top of Homestead Trail.  Turn left here and return to my house!

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