Frenzy Group Run – July 6

  • Saturday, July 6 – leave 630 am sharpRandyThorn_house
  • Begin at Randy Thorn’s house
  • Distance 14-15 miles

Randy Thorn has graciously offered to lead the group and start from his house this Saturday. Because of the heat, the group will take off at 630 am, so plan to arrive no later than 615 am. Here is a map to Randy’s house – address: 5052 E. Bandsaw (in Harris Ranch) and route directions.

From Randy:  We will depart my house at 6:30 am sharp.  Please be there early to use the rest room, get water, have a cup of coffee.

We will head west from my house until we hit the path through our neighborhood.  We will turn right and follow the path to the bottom of Homestead Trail.

We will go left onto Homestead Trail and begin a very gentle climb for about ½ mile.  After that the grade increases with a few steep climbs broken up by a couple of semi flat areas.

At the 2.6 mile mark we will come to a green gate.  This is the end of Homestead Trail.  We will bear left at this point and begin climbing on Lucky Peak Rd (this portion is more of an atv/motorcycle trail).

Just follow this road/trail all the way to a 4 way intersection.  We will turn right at this point and continue climbing to the top.  You will pass through a flat forested area where the university normally sets up their bird observatory.  Continue straight through and you will see the road that continues a short ways to the top.

Return from the top by coming back through the bird observatory area.  We will turn to the right and follow the main road down off of Lucky Peak.

At about 3 miles below the summit we will come to an intersection with the main road heading left towards Highway 21.  We will want to TURN RIGHT at this point and head back towards the top of Homestead Trail.

Follow this road and you will go past the top of Cobb Tail and in about a mile you will come to the top of Homestead Trail.  Turn left here and return to my house!

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Frenzy Group Run – May 25


  • May 25, 2013
  • 7 am start time
  • Five Mile Gulch Trailhead (or meet at dog park to carpool)
  • ~14.5 miles or however far you want to go

Frenzy group training this Saturday – May 25. We’re going to start the run at the Five Mile Gulch trailhead at 7 am. There is limited parking at the trailhead so we should meet at the dog park between 630-645 and take off up Rocky Canyon Rd in carpools no later than 645 am. We’ll run up 5 Mile Gulch all the way to Ridge Road, take a right on Ridge Road, and run to Aldape Summit. Then we’ll run down and take right on to Orchard Gulch. Take Orchard to intersection of Five Mile, go left and run down Five Mile back to cars. That’s about 14.5 miles. You can add a couple of miles by doing the out and back mile on Ridge Road, or you can shorten it by running down Rocky Canyon Road past Orchard trailhead back to Five Mile Gulch where we parked the cars. Everyone is welcome! Run as much or as little as you want. This is a really fun section of the course 🙂

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Frenzy Kickoff Group Run

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoin the gang this Saturday as we kick off the Foothills 50K Frenzy training season. This week we’ll run the first and last parts of the course. All the mileages on our Group Training Calendar are approximate, and you’re welcome to run all or part of the distance. Everyone is welcome – all ages, all speeds, experienced and novice trail runners. Leading the group this week will be experienced trail runners Sparkle Paterson and Holly Finch.

Meet at the parking lot of the dog park by Fort Boise/Military Reserve a little before 7 am on Saturday, May 11. We’ll take off at 7 am. See you then!

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EARLY BIRD In-Store Registration for 2013 Frenzy

ultrasignup_logo_white_smallIt’s time to register for the 2013 Foothills 50K Frenzy! One Night Only – Get $15 off registration.

  • When: Tuesday, April 16, 6 pm
  • Where: PULSE Running & Fitness Shop, Meridian
  • Who: Anybody who wants to run the only “official” ultra in the Boise foothills
  • What: $60 Early Bird Registration – $15 off regular registration fee
  • Why: Food, prizes, 25% discount on all trail shoes, AND one FREE entry giveaway

Regular registration opens Wednesday, April 17, 2013, at See you on April 16!


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Jeff Black writes Frenzy Race Report in March 2013 Ultrarunning magazine

Foothills 50K Frenzy 2012Thanks to Jeff Black who wrote the race report for the 2012 Foothills 50K Frenzy! Originally, Jeff wrote a report for his blog, but it was so good that I sent it to Ultrarunning  magazine. I scanned the page in UR magazine – complete with printed results! Click here to  download the pdf.


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2013 Foothills 50K Frenzy

IMG_1082The Foothills 50K Frenzy has been approved for 2013. The date is Saturday, October 5, 2013. Earlier, we had advertised the date as Oct 12; however, concerns from several of the wildlife management agencies have prompted us to change the date. It is always our desire to work with the management agencies to ensure that all environmental issues are handled with regard to safety of runners, animals, and other wildlife.

So mark your calendars for October 5, 2013! See you there!

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Frenzy – Runner Information

Dear Foothills 50K Frenzy Runners,

A couple of days ago, I sent you an email with important race information. This is a reprint of that email just in case some of you didn’t receive the email.

Thank you for registering to run the inaugural Foothills 50K Frenzy! The race is 2 days away, and because you are all in your taper, you’ll have some free time to read this post which contains important event information.

Start Time: The race will start at 6am sharp. We are not using chip timing, so if you arrive late, you can still run, but the clock will already be running.

Pre-race Check-in: You must pick up your race number ON RACE MORNING before you start the race. We need to know who is on the course. There will be a check-in table at the start/finish line.

Headlamps: It will be dark when the race starts. You will need to bring a light to use for about 1.5 hours. If you drop off your light (or anything else) at an aid station, please put your name on it. Anything left at an aid station will be brought to the finish line after the race.

Packet Pickup: You may pick up your race packet at PULSE Running & Fitness Shop, 3100 E Florence in Meridian (shopping center at Fairview and Eagle behind the Starbucks and Wendy’s) on Friday, October 19 from 12pm – 6pm. This is only your packet – not your race number. You may also pick up your packet on race morning when you get your bib number.

Course Marking: The course will be well marked. You will see confidence markers approximately every ¼ – ½  mile. The following types of markings will be used:

  • Yellow landscape flags – These will mark the entire course
  • Orange flagging tied to yellow landscape flags – Indicates a turn is coming up
  • Orange spray chalk – Directional arrows, confidence markings
  • Red DANGER tape – This tells you where NOT to go
  • Written signage

There will also be trail guides stationed at key junctions to help keep you on the right path. It will be very hard for you to get lost on this course – you’ll have to run through flags, jump over red DANGER tape, and ignore chalk directional arrows.

NOTE: When you get up to Ridge Road around mile 11.5, you will turn left and run a mile out and back. There is a checkpoint at the turnaround. At the turnaround, you will be given a sticker to stick on your bib number. This will indicate that you made it through that checkpoint.

Aid Stations: You will have 6 aid stations (mileage listed for these aid stations is approximate). All aid stations will be stocked with potato chips, pretzels, candy, water, peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, Heed sports drink, regular Coke, ginger ale, Hammer Endurolytes, Hammer gels.

For the first ½ of the course, the aid stations are rather far apart, so you will need to bring plenty of fluids and any fuel you will need between stations.

Please be sure that you announce your number at each aid station so that we can keep track of where you are on the course.

Here is a list of aid stations:

  • AS 1 – 6.5 miles –Three Bears/Femrite’s Patrol/Watchman
  • AS 2  – 11.5 miles –Five Mile Gulch and Ridge Road
  • AS 3 – 18 miles – Rocky Canyon Road and Orchard Gulch
  • AS 4 – 22 miles –Rocky Canyon Road and Five Mile Gulch (There will be a porta-potty at this Aid Station)
  • AS 5 – 24 miles –Three Bears/Femrite’s Patrol/Watchman (This is the 2nd time through this station)
  • AS 6 – 27.5 miles –Freestone Ridge and Three Bears

Cutoff Time: We only have one cutoff time: You must be out of AS 4 (22 miles) before 2pm. If you are not out of the aid station by 2 pm, you will not be allowed to continue. This is a very generous cutoff time, and it will be strictly enforced. You will be transported to the finish line when the aid station is closed down, OR since Rocky Canyon Road is accessible by car, you will have the option to call someone to pick you up.

Runner Safety: Our goal is to keep the runners safe and on the right course. We will have medical personnel, trail guides, and 2 sweeps on the course.  The sweeps will follow the last runners.  The race course is not closed to the public, so please be mindful that other trail users might be on the course.

If you have to drop from the race, you should make every effort to make it to an aid station. If it is not a medical emergency, you may have to wait at the aid station until the aid station workers are finished or until we can send someone to pick you up.

If you have any medical issues which require you to have inhalers, meds, etc., please bring them with you.

Spectator Viewing: Family and friends are encouraged to come out to the start/finish line and cheer for you. They may also drive up Rocky Canyon Road to the designated spectator viewing areas at the aid stations at miles 18 and 22. However, for the safety of the runners – because most of the trails are single track – we are asking that you keep your spectators at the designated spectator viewing areas and not have family and friends on the course on foot or on a bike.

Awards, Raffles and Finisher Mugs: When you finish the race, you will receive a unique commemorative finishers’ award – a mug individually handcrafted by local artist and ultrarunner, Kevin Flynn. Because of the wide range of finishing times, overall and age group winners will receive their awards as they finish rather than at an awards ceremony. We will present awards in real time as soon as we have the results calculated.

We will also have a few special raffle drawings. Check the white board by the medical tent for your bib number to see if you won a raffle prize.

Finish Line: Finish line food is for the runners. We will have fresh sandwiches from Paul’s Market, chips, drinks, and cookies from Great Harvest.

We will have 2 special folks at the finish line to work on your sore muscles – sponsors Russ Freestone, a Schulman therapist (deep tissue body work) and a chiropractor from Therapeutic Associates.

Race Photos: Michael Lebowitz of Long Run Picture Company will be on the course taking photos. After the event, we will send you a link to download free watermarked race photos. You may also purchase larger images from the Long Run Picture Company website.

This is going to be a TERRIFIC day! If this is your first 50K, don’t stress about the time cutoff at 2 pm (22 miles). If you keep moving forward and are efficient at the aid stations, you should have no problem with the cutoff.

Enjoy your week of rest! See you on Saturday – dark and early!


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Oct 13 – Final Frenzy group run for 2012 race

It’s finally here – the Frenzy is only 11 days away – tomorrow, we will be able to check the 10-day weather forecast! This Saturday will be our last “official” group run – a short ~10-12 mile run beginning at the dog park by Military Reserve at 7 am. We will run the first 5 miles of the course, turn around, and run back. At the junction of Shanes/Central Ridge/Bucktail, we will then follow Bucktail, Ridge Crest, Cottonwood, Eagle Ridge to the finish.

Thanks to everyone who has trained with us, supported us on and off the trails, led groups to show new runners the way, and participated in any of our race-related events. We are so fortunate to have such a terrific trail system and the BEST community of trail runners anywhere. Thanks to all!

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Local Ultrarunner Dennis Ahern at Golite Store in Downtown Boise

Join us on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 for a talk by Dennis Ahern, Boise ultrarunner, who recently completed a fastpacking trip along the John Muir Trail. Dennis will be at the Golite store in Downtown Boise (906 Main Street) on Oct 2 at 6 pm. He will bring all the gear he took with him on his 215+ mile, 5-day adventure and giving tips on how to successfully complete this type of undertaking.

Dennis will also be signing copies of the current issue of Marathon & Beyond – he is on the cover! Thanks to Golite, one of the Frenzy sponsors, for hosting this event.

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GoLite added as new Frenzy Sponsor

Thanks to Roxanne Wojan and her staff at the Golite store in downtown Boise for joining our team of terrific sponsors of the Foothills 50K Frenzy. You may remember that some time ago, Golite opened a pop-up store in Boise. But the good news is – Golite is a permanent business in Boise – they are here to stay. And, they are the newest sponsor of the Foothills 50K Frenzy.

Golite will be hosting an pre-Frenzy event at their store in downtown Boise in early October. But, if you get a chance to stop in the store before then, be sure to thank them for their support of our trailrunning community.

Golite is located at 906 Main Street in downtown Boise.

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